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My e-mail address (Greeneyesin2u) is shellioves@msn.com [28 May 2013|10:12am]

Are you on facebook? If so, can I friend you there? I'm not some crazy, trust me! This is the first time I have ever tried to contact any famous actor!! You would make such a difference in what seems such a big impersonal world by just typing the word "hello". I've never felt this way about any actor, and that's quite a compliment!! Well.....here's hoping!!!!
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I fell "in love" with you while watching "Medium" [28 May 2013|10:04am]


Is there any way you can acknowledge me? I am such a fan of yours, I cried my eyes out at the last episode of "Medium". There is just something about you, I look into those eyes and I see a person I want to know. Even just a quick hello would mean the world to me!!! So, please, take a moment and make someone so so very happy!! I think you're amazing!!
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