Sakura123 (weber_dubois22) wrote in jakeweber,

At Long Last: CHANNEL 10 "Medium" IDs have been Found!

After coming to terms with the fact that I may have never found the Australian TV Promos for Medium a certian Jake Weber image I made an Icon of, came from, I stumble across a bunch of CHANNEL 10 "ID" Uploaded on YouTube viva a Supernatural search and lo' and behold, Medium is listed among the ads that show up in the minute long Promos. Sofia, Jake, and Miguel are the featured stars from the series quoting the "I believe [insert belief here] there's no better place to be...[Seriously]" slogan for the channel.

Naturally, a had a nerd moment and screencaped almost every shot I could get off the videos. Be forewarned though, all of them of are of a 1024x768 Resolution and kinda fuzzy (mostly because of full screen) due to the video's lack of HD Capability (it has HQ though, so I guess that counts for something, right?). Anyhow, enjoy, I know I did!

Goodies Behind the Cut... Seriously )
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